Our October 2012 Family Is In Need of Help

Remembering back to October 2012, we helped a family of seven from Burma, who had just came to the USA as refugees one year ago.  The father was in the hospital while we were restoring their apartment, and the hope was that he would be able to come home.  However, things have changed for the worse over the past few months, and he is now in a nursing home dying from terminal cancer.  The mother, Mhala, is wanting to be by his side during these difficult days, and she recently took a leave of absence from her job to do so.  However, her doing this means that there is no income coming in.  Restoring Dignity is stepping in at this point to help fundraise enough money to support their family for two months.  This will ensure that Mhala will be able to spend time with her husband and children.  While she was working, she was only able to visit him once a week, due to her work schedule.  We hope to take the burden of finances off of her shoulders for two months, so she can focus on her husband and be with her children.  Join us as we aim to take care of one of our own Omaha refugee families.

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