Cleaning & Organizing Party at the Restoring Dignity Storage Unit!

Restoring Dignity Clean-Up and Organizing Day!

What: Clean-up/Build shelves/Organize/Setup the new Restoring Dignity storage space! Sign-up HERE!
Why: We moved into a new storage facility several months ago and we need help getting it cleaned and organized! We have lots of donations to help another refugee family, but first we need help getting the building in working order (including sorting all of the donations).
When: Saturday, September 9th, 2017

  • 8am-10am Shift one
  • 10am-12pm-Shift two
  • 12pm-2pm-Shift three

Where: 4379 Izard Street Omaha, Nebraska, 68131 (on the corner of 45th & Izard Street), view map here.
Who: Anyone and everyone! There is something for everyone to do:

  • Building new shelves
  • Organizing donations
  • Cleaning/sweeping/mopping
  • Refreshment deliverer (bring water bottles to volunteers…great for kids!)

Contact Hannah Wyble at or call/text 402-305-8139

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