Window AC Unit Drive

AC Drive

You never know how hot it is during the summer until you don’t have air conditioning. This past weekend, temperatures reached over 98 degrees with heat indices of 105 degrees! There are many refugee families who are in homes and apartments with NO air conditioning! Restoring Dignity is launching our first ever WINDOW AC UNIT Drive, in which we collect air conditioners and install them in the homes of families who cannot afford to purchase their own units. If you have a used window air conditioner that is in good, functioning condition, please consider donating it. If you are able to purchase a new AC unit or two, bring it to our storage unit.

To sign-up to donate an AC unit, click here. 

Days that our storage unit will be open are:
Saturday, July 7th 10am-12pm
Saturday, July 14th 10am-12pm

We are also looking for volunteers (or even volunteer groups!) who would be willing to install window AC units throughout the month of July. If you are handy with tools or know how to install window AC units, please contact Restoring Dignity via email or phone: —- 402-305-8139.  

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