At the heart of Restoring Dignity is our belief that someone needs to hear the cries of the oppressed, the weary, the widowed, and then something needs to be done. It may seem like a simple act to give refugees items like a basket full of towels, but to a family of seven who has only one, it means much more.  These people that we help are just like you and me.  They laugh and they love and they hurt and they cry.  They have big dreams and lots of ambition.  They are amazing and they deserve a chance, just like the rest of us. Here at Restoring Dignity, we hope that what we do as a community will give them that dose of hope that will help them better achieve their goals and dreams.  We hope that they will sleep happier, live healthier, and know that they are not alone. No amount of war, persecution, violence, fear or any other destructive force can ever strip away the humanity and dignity that is inherent in each person we serve. May what we do serve as a light that guides them forward as they begin their new lives here in America.


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