Help Needed for Refugee Family of 10

Help Needed for Refugee Family of 10

Restoring Dignity was made aware of the needs of a local Omaha refugee family of 10 that is struggling to obtain household items and are struggling to do things such as: assemble a donated bunk bed and hook up the dryer so they can use it. We are looking for help in obtaining some items to help make life easier for them. We are also looking for a handy person who can help them build their bunk bed and install their dryer.

The family needs the following:

  • Large microwave
  • Large rice cooker
  • TV
  • DVD player
  • Computer/laptop for children to do homework
  • Diapers size 3
  • Diapers size 4
  • Diapers size 5
  • Diaper wipes
  • Need someone to help them put their bunk bed together
  • Need someone to help them install their dryer

If you can help with these needs, please sign-up here!

URGENT: Yale Park Refugee Family Sponsorship

Yale Park Refugee Family Sponsorship

On Thursday, September 20th, 2018 the city of Omaha conducted a complex-wide investigation at Yale Park in Omaha, which housed almost 100 refugee families. That same day, the entire complex was condemned due to significant gas leaks in many units, major electrical safety issues, leaking and collapsing ceilings, and many other code violations. All of the units were vacated by the evening of September 20th and families living there were directed to two community centers for temporary housing. Heartland Family Services is actively working with all of the families to find permanent housing with the plan being that everyone should have a house or apartment to move to within a week’s time. As of Friday, September 21st, many families have already been touring apartments and homes with Heartland Family Service. All families have autonomy in choosing where they will live next.

Restoring Dignity has received many texts, calls, and emails about the needs of this community. After discussing with Heartland Family Services, we have decided that the most efficient and effective way to provide families with what they need is the following:

We are looking for churches, organizations, workplaces, neighborhood groups, etc. to sponsor one of the almost 100 families from Yale Park. Sponsorship looks like the following:

  • Church/organizations/workplaces, etc. will be assigned one family and will be given a list of what that family has requested that they need for their new home. Many families will not be able to bring furniture with them due to bed bug and cockroach infestations. They will essentially be “starting over” and will need essential items likes: mattresses, blankets, sheets, dressers, towels, toiletries, kitchen table, chairs, couch etc. All items will need to be in good condition (no items from homes with bedbugs or cockroaches, and all used items need to be in good condition (no signs of wear and tear or stains).
  • Each group will be responsible for obtaining donated items and storing them
  • Once donated items have been acquired, each group will transport items to their sponsored family’s home.

In this way, we believe that we will be able to provide essential household items for all of the families from Yale Park in a very short time frame. Providing home furnishing for almost 100 families is an enormous task, but if each of our churches/organizations commits to one family, we can accomplish this!

To sign-up to sponsor a family, please click here.

For more information, please email Restoring Dignity at:

Window AC Unit Drive

AC Drive

You never know how hot it is during the summer until you don’t have air conditioning. This past weekend, temperatures reached over 98 degrees with heat indices of 105 degrees! There are many refugee families who are in homes and apartments with NO air conditioning! Restoring Dignity is launching our first ever WINDOW AC UNIT Drive, in which we collect air conditioners and install them in the homes of families who cannot afford to purchase their own units. If you have a used window air conditioner that is in good, functioning condition, please consider donating it. If you are able to purchase a new AC unit or two, bring it to our storage unit.

To sign-up to donate an AC unit, click here. 

Days that our storage unit will be open are:
Saturday, July 7th 10am-12pm
Saturday, July 14th 10am-12pm

We are also looking for volunteers (or even volunteer groups!) who would be willing to install window AC units throughout the month of July. If you are handy with tools or know how to install window AC units, please contact Restoring Dignity via email or phone: —- 402-305-8139.