Are you looking for a way to support Omaha’s refugee community? Purchase cleaning supplies and we will give them to families enrolled in our Cleaning Education Program! 

It’s as easy as this:


Purchase cleaning supplies from (a) from any store (if you are buying name brand), or (b) from Walmart (if you are buying generic). Most of the families we work with shop at Walmart, so we need to make sure they can find the supplies to rebuy them, once they run out.


Purchase items on our list:

  • Kitchen cleaner (we prefer Clorox Cleaner and Bleach or Lysol Hydrogen Peroxide)
  • Degreaser (we LOVE Greased Lightning)
  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner (we prefer Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Bleach)
  • Glass cleaner (we prefer Windex)
  • Wall and all purpose cleaner (we prefer Simple Green)
  • Bathroom cleaner (we prefer Clorox Bathroom Cleaner or Comet in the spray bottle)
  • Set of tupperware (any brand)
  • Set of cleaning gloves (any brand)
  • Set of cleaning rags
  • Swiffer style mop
  • Swiffer style disposable refills
  • Magic Erasers
  • SOS or Brillo pads


Drop off the cleaning supplies at our office (8000 Chicago Street, Omaha, NE, 68114). Please email or call/text to let us know when you’re coming, so we can make sure someone is there to meet you!


Thank you for helping to support our amazing refugee community here in Omaha! It is because of YOU that we are able to teach families about cleaning supplies and how to use them.