Yale Park Refugee Family Sponsorship

On Thursday, September 20th, 2018 the city of Omaha conducted a complex-wide investigation at Yale Park in Omaha, which housed almost 100 refugee families. That same day, the entire complex was condemned due to significant gas leaks in many units, major electrical safety issues, leaking and collapsing ceilings, and many other code violations. All of the units were vacated by the evening of September 20th and families living there were directed to two community centers for temporary housing. Heartland Family Services is actively working with all of the families to find permanent housing with the plan being that everyone should have a house or apartment to move to within a week’s time. As of Friday, September 21st, many families have already been touring apartments and homes with Heartland Family Service. All families have autonomy in choosing where they will live next.

Restoring Dignity has received many texts, calls, and emails about the needs of this community. After discussing with Heartland Family Services, we have decided that the most efficient and effective way to provide families with what they need is the following:

We are looking for churches, organizations, workplaces, neighborhood groups, etc. to sponsor one of the almost 100 families from Yale Park. Sponsorship looks like the following:

  • Church/organizations/workplaces, etc. will be assigned one family and will be given a list of what that family has requested that they need for their new home. Many families will not be able to bring furniture with them due to bed bug and cockroach infestations. They will essentially be “starting over” and will need essential items likes: mattresses, blankets, sheets, dressers, towels, toiletries, kitchen table, chairs, couch etc. All items will need to be in good condition (no items from homes with bedbugs or cockroaches, and all used items need to be in good condition (no signs of wear and tear or stains).
  • Each group will be responsible for obtaining donated items and storing them
  • Once donated items have been acquired, each group will transport items to their sponsored family’s home.

In this way, we believe that we will be able to provide essential household items for all of the families from Yale Park in a very short time frame. Providing home furnishing for almost 100 families is an enormous task, but if each of our churches/organizations commits to one family, we can accomplish this!

To sign-up to sponsor a family, please click here.

For more information, please email Restoring Dignity at: email@rdomaha.com

38 thoughts on “Current Restoring Dignity Project

  1. Is there anyway people could come pick up furniture? My parents are moving and are looking to get rid of a bunch of items. However, none of us have an SUV or truck that would fit the items.

  2. Benson Area Refugee Task FOrce is having their free Clothes CLoset at St Paul Methodist church Aug 24th 9-11 am. Come in the northeast door by their north parking lot and the family can get the clothes, shoes and school supplies they need. 5410 Corby St (south of NW Radial Hwy. )

    1. This family had been in the refugee camp for 23 years! The mom fell and broke both wrists in Dec. 2009 and 1 month later her husband died of a stroke. I will try to get some teachers to help with this. Next BART Clothes Closet is Sat, Nov. 2, 9:00-10:30 am at St. Paul Methodist Church, 5410 Corby/ enter northeast door.

    1. I will take those items off of the list! Thank you! I will see you from noon-2pm. Can you sign up on the sign up page, so I can include you in the group email?

      1. I have a 26″ tv that they could have. Its a heavy one prob about 10 years old but it works great!

      2. Hi Isaiah, is it a tube TV? If so, we had to stop accepting tube TVs because they were so difficult to transport, due to their weight.

  3. Hi, Hannah! It was great meeting you and sitting next to you at the SSCA conference! I’m getting a group of friends together for next weekend. So excited. I’ll be bringing pictures and decorations for the bedrooms.

  4. Hannah I do not see my previous reply on here about having a shower curtain and a ford ranger to help move large items. I see those items crossed out though. Is that crossed out for me or someone else?

    1. Hi Angie, I do not see your comment on here either- I’m not sure what happened. Someone is bringing a truck to move items, and another person is bringing a shower curtain. If you already have the shower curtain, we can use it for the next family.

  5. Hannah,
    We will buy a bed spread/comforter for the 3 year old, women’s underwear and girl’s underwear. We will also get 4 pillows.

  6. I have a fairly new day bed with a trundle bed. Both have twin mattresses with new sheets. I can send a picture if you think it can be used for the family. I also have a mower and weed eater in very good condition that I am not using.

  7. Can I just bring it with me on Saturday? I also have an entertainment center about 2 feet tall by 5 feet long. It good condition.

    1. Yes, you can absolutely bring the items on Saturday to the family’s house. I will be sending out their address tomorrow via email.

  8. Anyone able to pick up a load of big items from 108th & Military Area ? I have a day bed, trundle, entertainment center, mower, & trimmer. I can transport but would have to make numerous trips.

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