Donation Drop-Off


Drop-off times:

Saturday, November 3rd, 2018  2:00pm-4:00pm

**Please note that there will not be any donation pickups for this project. If you are bringing large items, you can drop them off at the location mentioned above, or you can bring them the day of the project.**

If you have a large donation and need to drop off items at a different time, please call/text/email Hannah Wyble:

(402) 305-8139


The Restoring Dignity storage facility is located in the block of garages behind the Omar Baking Building (Omar Baking Building Address: 4383 Nicholas St. Omaha, NE, 68131). The storage facility is in a fenced-in lot on the corner of 45th and Izard street.

**Please do NOT drop off items outside of the storage unit when no one is there. Items are liable to be stolen if they are left outside.**

Map of Restoring Dignity Storage Unit

Map of Restoring Dignity Storage Garage

11 responses to “Donation Drop-Off

  1. I am gathering a bag of cleaning supplies and toiletries. I will dig around for some household items-decor and things.Hopefully I can drop off Thursday/Friday afternoon.

    • Thank you so much, Mary! Let me know what you are able to donate, and then I will take the items off of the list.

  2. I have a few large items I am happy to donate but would rather drop off to someone to use as it is a lot to have to move them twice. Please call me on my cell phone at 402-980-0524 as I missed the drop off for this family as just found this site now. I want to get these things moving as soon as possible and need to discuss. Thanks!

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  4. We donated a bed and table and some clothes that you all picked up from our house. We did find the bed and table hardware – is there somewhere we can drop that off?

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