Restoring Dignity August 2012

We helped restore a Sudanese widow’s home after her daughter passed away. This was the first family that we served.

Restoring Dignity September 2012

We met the needs of Sudanese woman who was a widow and her three younger children by cleaning, furnishing, and providing her with groceries.

Restoring Dignity October 2012

We helped to clean and furnish a Karen family of seven from Burma’s two bedroom apartment.

Restoring Dignity December 2012

This Karenni family of seven from Burma was brought cleaning supplies, two new bunkbeds, a couch, kitchen supplies, and many other items.

Restoring Dignity March 2013

We brought cleaning supplies, new beds for the family, household items, dressers, and bed bug management to this Karenni family of six from Burma.

Restoring Dignity June 2013
We transformed a Somali family of eleven’s two-bedroom apartment by bringing them much needed household items, and teaching them cleaning and organizational skills.

Restoring Dignity August 2013

We brought household items, cleaning supplies, and helped organize a Karen family of five’s home.

Restoring Dignity November 2013

We provided a Karenni widow and her two sons with household items that they had been unable to acquire.

Restoring Dignity January 2014

We made over the apartment of a widowed Karen father and his two young children, and brought him much needed household items.

Restoring Dignity March 2014

We brought much needed household items to a widowed Karenni mother and her three children.

Restoring Dignity August 2014

We served a Karen family of five by teaching them proper cleaning and organizational skills, and by transforming their apartment with furniture and other household items.

Restoring Dignity October 2014

We brought a Karen single mother and her two children much needed furniture and household items, as well as taught her proper cleaning skills.

Restoring Dignity November 2014

We brought household items to a Karen family of eight whose second youngest child suffers from cerebral palsy.

Restoring Dignity January 2015

We served a Karen family of eight by bringing them household items and teaching them cleaning and organizational skills.

Restoring Dignity March 2015

We helped provide a healing home environment to a Karen family of seven whose father suffered a massive stroke.

Restoring Dignity June 2015

We served a Karenni family of eight, by helping them clean and organize their home, and by bringing them needed household items.

Restoring Dignity August 2015

We brought much-needed household items to a struggling Karen family of seven.

Restoring Dignity November 2015

We helped furnish a Karen refugee family’s home after their son sustained third degree burns to 40% of his body due to an accident.

Restoring Dignity February 2016

We helped make a house “home” for a newly widowed disabled father and his four teenage daughters.

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